About Us


Hi!  We are Todd and Jean Walker, owners of Beach Genie.   We moved to Carlsbad in 2003 and love the family, beach vibe in the area.  When we were looking for a business opportunity, we thought a lot about our lifestyle, what we enjoyed doing and where we wanted to be every day.  When the idea for a luxury beach concierge service arose, it was a natural fit. 

We have experienced firsthand the hassle of carrying all of our beach gear from a parking spot that may be several blocks away.  It’s even worse when you are on vacation and don’t have any beach gear, so you either rent cheap equipment or end up buying inexpensive equipment, only to trash it at the end of your stay or leave it at the rental house.  If you have a babies or toddlers, the amount of equipment needed for a beach day can get overwhelming.  We envisioned creating a full beach day experience, where guests just need to show up and everything will be there waiting for them.  At the end of the day, guests can just leave the beach without packing up and lugging equipment back to the car or vacation rental.

Beach Genie is focused on a sustainable beach day experience, providing high end equipment sourced within the USA whenever possible, supporting small businesses, and delivering products that will be reused hundreds of times.  Our chairs and tables are manufactured in North Carolina from regionally sourced oak wood.  Our umbrellas are created in Florida from materials sourced in the United States.  Our cabanas are made in Colorado.  Our coolers come from California.  Our beach sheets are purchased from small businesses in San Diego and Massachusetts.  Even our paddle ball sets and other beach games are made in the USA. 

Our clients can be confident knowing their luxury beach day supports families from across the country, contributes to cleaner beaches, and sustains our environment by creating less waste than a typical beach day where trash, toys and equipment may be left behind.

Supporting our local small businesses is really important to us as well.  We partner with local, small businesses for everything from restaurant selections, charcuterie boards, donuts, desserts and coffee to surf lessons, surfboard and wetsuit rentals.  We even have a local organic s’mores provider.

Our family looks forward to creating some fantastic memories for you.  Let Beach Genie make your beach day wishes come true!