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Locals Only beachgenie
Beach Setup beachgenie
Beach Setup beachgenie
Beach Setup beachgenie
Beach Setup beachgenie

Beach Setup

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Large parties may require a permit from the city or state, which will require up to several weeks of processing leading up to desired date.  Oceanside and San Diego beaches require a permit for greater than 50 people and State beaches require permit for groups over 24 people.

**For larger parties or locations south of La Jolla, please contact us directly for a custom Beach Setup contact us here or for immediate inquiries, please call (760) 828-0510.

***Additional travel fees may apply to locations south of La Jolla

  • Chairs to accommodate your group size
  • One umbrella supplied per 1 or 2 people e.g. 2 umbrellas for a group of four.
  • One side table for 1 or 2 people e.g. 2 side tables for a group of four
  • Corresponding number of towels
  • Cooler with 2 drinks (bottled or sparkling water) per person

*Departure time will be 5 hours after arrival time selected below.  For a shorter or longer service, please contact Beach Genie directly.”

See Available Locations State Beach Restrictions

Beach Genie is now fully permitted on more beaches than any other beach experience company in San Diego County. We are now permitted on Oceanside Tower 10 Beach, Oceanside Harbor Beach, Tamarack State Beach, Carlsbad State Beach, Cardiff State Beach at Seaside, Torrey Pines State Beach and Silver Strand State Beach.

State Beach Picnic permit program and the restrictions:

  • No Saturday or Sunday availability from Memorial Day through Labor Day
  • Specific holiday weekends (as defined by the State) are not available for the whole holiday weekend, meaning Friday through Monday.
  • Reservation requests for these beaches are required at least 10 days in advance to State Parks
  • Reservations require approval from State Parks
  • State Parks approves events on a “first come, first served basis” with reservations allowed up to 3 months in advance
  • Each State Beach is subject to a certain number of reservations per month per permittee.  For example, during peak season (Memorial Day – Labor Day), for beaches where reservations are available, there is a max of 2 reservations per month per beach.  In non-peak season, the max is 4 reservations per month, per location.

    • Beach Restrictions:
      • Tamarack State Beach - non-peak season only
      • Carlsbad State Beach (defined as the beach directly south of Tamarack, between the jetties) year round reservations allowed
      • Cardiff State Beach (Seaside, south beach, location only) year round reservations allowed
      • Torrey Pines State Beach (South beach) – non peak season only
      • Silver Strand State Beach (in front of parking lot 1 or 2 only) – year round reservations allowed.  Beach Genie needs to charge a travel fee of $100 for this location.
      • Limited to 15 guests